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Something Less Prosaic

The Online Journal of Harikrishnan Menon

The Incredulous Hulk
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Hari Menon is an editor-at-large with a contract publishing company in Bombay, India, and his expanding girth and tendency to disappear at the sound of deadlines whooshing by make him a natural for the post.

In an earlier stint he was a non-consultant in a sea of consultants. That may sound like a thankless job, but he got to do exciting things such as update personal journals, doodle his way through strategy meetings, spy on the Hilton's swimming pool, and chalk up frequent flyer miles.

He's happily married for no fault of his, and is firmly convinced he's the best thing to have happened to his wife since PMS. He does not live in a posh downtown apartment with two snotty kids and a cat named Godfrey — and has no intention to.

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